It’s hard to believe, but TidalWare has been around for 2 years on August 30th. Not much has happened on the public front, but a lot has been going on behind the scenes. Besides writing code for 730 days, I’ve been feeling my way around the realm of indie game development. The purpose of TidalWare has been swings and roundabouts – I made some good progress with Project Utopia, but obviously it’s not sane for a startup to rely solely on such a huge project.

Last year I turned to the iPhone platform. It seemed an excellent starting point for an aspiring developer: make almost anything and distribute it worldwide for just 100$. Ogre 3D also had a very promising port in development, which was great since I had already spent a couple of years working with it. So I began to create a very basic prototype back in November.

8 months into development, and what started out as something simple has become an ambitious project. I never planned anything, so it has pretty much evolved over time. To be honest, I never thought it was even possible on the iPhone.

I took a break early June, and set myself the task of releasing something -anything- into the app store as fast as possible, provided it does what it says on the tin, with no bugs or crashes. 2 weeks later I had done just that. On the 14th day I submitted it to Apple, and by the 20th day it was in the app store. It was a great learning exercise about the process of creating an app from start to finish, using purely the iPhone SDK and Objective-C. Most importantly I got a taster of what the submission process is like.

Urchin for iPhone and iPod Touch

It’s called Urchin – the app store link is here. It might keep the kids quiet for a little while ;)

Since then I’ve returned to developing my ambitious 3D app. I’m working on it full time around the clock, making exciting progress. Be sure to follow me on my personal Twitter if you’re interested in the development side. Any announcements will be on TidalWare’s twitter.

I will be revealing some details about the project in my next post. Stay tuned!